Sunday, August 3, 2014

DIY Necklace Organizer/Frame

I'm a necklace hoarder. Necklaces of all lengths and styles, colors and bling. I must have more than 50 by now.

I started collecting them when I was 12 and I never stopped. The funny thing is, I used to be a tomboy. Then, something just clicked and I turned into a necklace loving, pink wearing, girly-girl. Which is ok with me.

The problem began when I started having to move around. I used to hang all of these necklaces on clothes hooks, but when I moved to MI after marrying S, all the necklaces ended up in the bottom of my jewelry box in a tangled mess. I wanted to find a way to showcase my pretty necklace collection. So I came up with this fun, super cute, DIY, and functional solution.

So, I've been posting decadent recipes for the past couple weeks in a row (which is no bad thing of course) but I decided to switch it up this week and share a DIY with you - how to make your own long necklace organizer. 
DIY Necklace Organizer/Frame
Rectangular wooden frame (I found a 14x20" frame for under 10 dollars in the clearance section at Michaels but you can go thrift shopping or recycle one you have at home)
Cup hooks (for 3 dollars at Home Depot)
Pen or pencil that will show on the wood
Super glue
Silver spray paint (optional)
Hammer and nail (optional)
Step 1
Clear the frame out, the only thing we need is the actual wooden frame. 
Step 2
Use the ruler to measure how much space you want to leave between each hook and mark it on the wood with the pen or pencil to be exact. I started half an inch from the inside edge of the frame and put 13 hooks each 1 inch apart.
Step 3 
(Optional) Spray paint the hooks to be the color you want them to be. You can also buy them already colored silver or gold I believe, but I was just using what I had on hand.
Step 4
Essentially, all you have to do now is screw the hook into the wood but I found that was a little hard to do. Instead I would add an additional step and first use a nail and hammer to make a small hole, not deep, just where you want to screw in the hook. 
Step 5
Screw in the hooks and enjoy the final product! 
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Mehwish said...

Love it! So creative and cute

Unknown said...

This is really serves as nice wall decorative art as well!

Unknown said...

Love the idea!! How many of these do you have though?

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