Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Presents and Cake Pops

Ever heard of Bakerella? She's that amazing woman who perfected cake pops. Cake pops are cake balls on sticks. Well, after I became obsessed with her pretty cake pops and pictures, I begged my family to buy me her cake pops book that was published recently. I was turned down many times because (though I didn't know it) my mother was buying me the book as a surprise gift! The surprise was ruined because my sister blabbed but I was excited and very pleased anyways.

The first thing I did when I got the book was run and buy candy melts and lollipop sticks and make these fun cake pops. They're really easy to make so try them out.

Started with baking and quartering a cake... Can you see my new book in the background? :D
Crumbling the cake, I had to get all down and dirty with this thing :P
Cake balls!
Hardest part in my opinion. I made the balls too big so they were falling off the sticks. The weight of the cake balls plus the thick candy coating was just too much.
Finished product. They tasted yummy!
My advice: try making cake pops. They're fun, easy, and they end up looking (and tasting!) amazing! Make sure to tell me about your experiences!

Saba said...

A part of me died inside while reading this thing.. O.o Im still tryna get over how amazing it all looks.. and how it probably tastes, considering I cant taste anything through the screen :P

Ayesha said...

Omg I love Bakerella! I've always wanted to try her cartoon cake pops, those look amazing- especially the toy story ones. LOL.

But your cake pops look even MORE AMAZING. I love the little drizzles! AAAAH I bet they tasted deliciousss; thanks for not sharing y'know!

Wardah said...

Thanks for your comments guys! You guys are why I post ;D

Saba! Try to make some yourself!! They seriously taste soo good.

Omg, I totally get you Ayesha, her stuff lloks amazing. I bet you could do better though :D

Xunnii said...

so thats how u made it! it was sooo good n pretty!
i took a picture of it too :D

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