Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cheesecake Madness


I went through happiness and tragedy during the last few days.

It was my sister's birthday last weekend. She planned to finish some of her personal goals - not coincidentally - on her birthday. So, my family and I decided to throw her a celebratory party for her birthday and accomplishments. I made cheesecakes and my mom made good food.

A few days later, my mother received devastating news. My beautiful grandmother passed away on Friday. It was a great loss in the family and I pray that she rests in peace.

I love making cheesecakes. They're the one thing I can be sure to make and not mess up on!
My grandmother was a kind woman. I remember when I was younger, I visited Pakistan. My grandmother lived there all alone in a ginormous house. Because my family was visiting from America, all our relatives basically camped out in her house all day. The days could get long and boring so we had to think of all sorts of things to entertain ourselves.

So, one hot evening, everybody decided they were going to call a "jinn." This is a Pakistani superstition in which if you put an upside down glass on a table in the middle of candles and cards, and chant these prayers, a demon will become trapped in the glass and answer all your questions. Only thing is, it really works! So, here I was, in the middle of some sort of ritual, shaking from fear. I couldn't tell anyone that I was scared 'cause then I'd be ridiculed. Halfway through it, I gave up. I left the room running and slid into my grandmother's bed where she was resting.

I don't remember the whole story, but I remember that when my grandmother saw me shaking, she became really angry. She went to the room my family was in and shouted at everyone, ordering them to stop their foolishness. I'm sure everyone was really angry at me - and some half relieved themselves - when she ended the fun, but I will always cherish the memory of how my grandmother cared so much about me.

A personal cheesecake for my sister. She was drowning in cheesecakes that day.
A slice of lemon and mint for decoration
On a happier note, I finally figured out how to make my pictures bigger without ruining the design. What do you think. Bigger the better?

I made cheesetarts too! (Whatever those are)
Even though I made this many crusts...
I had enough leftover batter to make two more cheesecakes!
The cheesecake after everyone attacked it.
Yeah... As you can see, my family can really stomach their cheesecake. Don't worry though, some of these cakes were given to friends and family! Anyways, have a great week.

The recipe I use to make cheesecake is my absolute favorite - The Ultimate Cheesecake Recipe.

Ayesha said...

OMG. I'M DROOLING! These look amazingggg:)

What's the topping on the second picture?

Wardah said...

Hahaha, thanks Ayeshoo! The topping is a secret, you have to come over to find out ;D

Jk, it's just whipped cream, which = heaven!

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