Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to My World

In my world, we eat cake for breakfast, and the sky is pink, purple, and green.

That's why I decided to make strawberry chiffon cake roll today. I used a Chinese recipe so I ended up using less than a cup of flour and less than half a cup of sugar. Of course, I also used four full eggs (...that doesn't sicken me... really). Believe it or not, the cake was really sweet and light, there were no cracks in the roll, and it didn't smell like eggs.

Strawberry Chiffon Cake Roll

I also painted a scene as a present for my beautiful nieces. It's the view of my house from across the pond in my front yard. Though I could have painted more detail, the pink, purple, and green sky is unmistakable. The glowing flowers and magic fireflies are also pictured... Nah, I kid, it's just a Thomas Kinkade rip off. But I swear I didn't trace.

 Thomas Kinkade's Princess and the Frog Copy 
 Anyways, please comment and follow!
Unknown said...

That cake looks good! :)

Saba said...

hahaha^ I really like your world(:

Wardah said...

Thanks guys. Saba, that's the imaginary world I live in, only my mom never lets me stay. :P

Abdullah Arif said...

so awesome stuff and food i witness everything

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