Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pink and Blue Geometric Ostrich Egg

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I have posted about something that I have painted. More specifically, an egg that I have painted. So I decided to share an ostrich egg I recently painted as a gift for someone.

This egg is absolutely the most beautiful combination of colors, from baby pinks and blues to hot pink and turquoise blue. I painted a stark black trim around some patterns on the egg to give it a bold feel and make the colors seem more mature. I left a white trim on the egg (which really means that I went back and painted white lines) to accentuate the patterns on it.

My favorite aspect of this egg is the geometric patterns and symmetry produced by those patterns. I just had to take this shot of the egg against the mandala in my front yard. The egg fit right into the center of the pattern.

The Arabic calligraphy you see painted across the center of the egg is a couple names of God, such as the Merciful or the Great. The cool thing about painting eggs as presents, or anything for that matter, is that you can make everything extremely personalized. I chose all the names on the egg myself, first by what they meant and second by their aesthetic quality.

The hole you see at the bottom of the egg is the hole through which the insides of the egg were hollowed out. I worked around it so that it fell perfectly in the center of the flower. I finished the egg off with some clear varnish and my penned signature.

If you would like to inquire about getting an ostrich egg for yourself or as a present, feel free to contact me at

Saba said...

I'll comment since I'm procrastinating right now :) I love the colors and the design of this! MashaAllah, you are very talented. Also, I love your blog; I secretly go through it at random times when I'm bored(you officially have a creeper) I'm glad that you can post consistently, I could never do that haha :)

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