Friday, August 24, 2012

Brunch for le Mommies

My friend, K, called me up yesterday night and said, "Hey, our moms are hanging out tomorrow. Why don't we get together and make them a surprise brunch?" My response was obviously a "Yes!" I immediately loved the idea. We spent the next thirty minutes coming up with the perfect menu. And then, I spent the next three hours lying in bed planning how the event would go, and praying that I would fall asleep soon. Let me just say that I was still sleeping when K came over and had to pull me out of bed.

As soon as our mommies went on their date, we attacked the kitchen. My sister was making watermelon punch, while K was making individual peach and banana yogurt parfaits, while I worked on french toast kabobs. We also made a mushroom and onion omelet, rosemary potato wedges, and chai (breakfast tea). It was a feast.

Because moms will be moms, they knew something was up. My mom was just extremely worried that we wouldn't finish the housework she had left us with. She called us around an hour before she came home saying that she would be home in 5 minutes. We should have known that the moms wouldn't be home that soon, but I rushed to set the table outside. It was still early and the weather was perfect. And then we waited.... and waited.... and the warm food got cold and the cold food turned warm.

Just as the sun rose directly above the table, le mommies pulled up in the driveway. The "welcoming committee" led them to their seats. They were pleasantly surprised! Though we did take a minute to warm up the food again and bring everything  inside to the dining table, our moms loved it! We had made enough food for four people and everything was gone in twenty minutes. We couldn't resist eating too. :-)

My favorite item of the day- the potato wedges. Mouthwatering-ly good. The hint of rosemary was what made it for me.

I'll post up some recipes soon. For now, enjoy the pictures. :)

nilab said...

Omigosh I can't believe I'm looking through your blog during Ramadan while fasting!! this ain't right lol. I want the recipe for all of these items plz! If you have already posted it please give me the link! :)

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