Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Painting 5 Canvases as 1

Hello everyone

You all met my sister in my last post - No, she did not teach me all I had to learn about baking. I'm a self taught genius, muhahah. - and were able to see one of her great recipes. - That potato salad is seriously addicting. I hope you enjoy her contributions to my blog.

Back to me - I can't let her steal the spotlight for too long, right? - I recently painted a present for my mother. She'd been asking me for days to make her something to display in the living room and I decided my one week break from school was the perfect time to do it - School is my excuse for my long absence from the blog scene too. So let me show you what did...

After being inspired by some "series" paintings in which several canvases are used to create one painting, I came up with this:

Just a sketch.
Sketching it on to my canvases.

Finished and hanging in my living room
I finished this painting in around 9-10 hours - No, I didn't paint for 9 hours straight. So, what do you guys think?

Saba said...

This is amazing! It reminded me once again how much I admire your talent(:
P.S., I've been waiting for you to write a blog post.. Hehehe(;

Xunnii said...

mashaAllahhh I love how you made it come together! crazy talented mashaAllah!
Is that the galaxy chocolate bar I spy? How'd you like the Arabian brand choco?? Two whole boxes were finished within a week in my household -_-

Ayesha said...

AMAZING! Mashallah. Even better in person ;)

Did you use framed canvases? or the normal flat canvases? because it looks like the flat ones...if so, how did you hang them from the back?

Wardah said...

Saba: Haha, thanks so much. Now I feel compelled to go check out yours ;)

Zunni: Hahaha, yes it is. It was AWESOME! :D I was trying to translate the Arabic (Did not work out). I understand.

Ayesha: The canvases are stretched on to a wooden frame (the normal kind I presume) so I just stuck a nail in the wall and hung the wooden backing/frame off of it. Make sense?

Ayesha said...

Ohh awesome. It looks like the flat canvases (which I personally favor). I just don't know how to hang them because they're flat in the back, unless I frame them. Thanks! :D

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