Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Scrumptious Potato Salad

Hello guys, I am Wardah's sister and fellow partner-in-thyme. I'm there for her when she is frantically searching for a substitute for sour cream and I am her photographer. I'm also the one who helps her clean up after she makes a huge mess in the kitchen.

She recently had the pleasure of trying my potato salad, and in a moment of inspiration (and a stroke of pure genius), she asked me, "Why don't you write guest posts for my blog? You can bake too."

Why thank you for noting, Wardah.

I actually taught her everything she knows about the world of combining ingredients into edible creations, but she won't admit it ;)

Today I'll be sharing my version of the potato salad.

This "salad" is high in cholesterol, but it tastes SO GOOD. You will want to find family and friends to share it with, or you might end up eating it all by yourself.

I didn't write it on my recipe card, but adding garlic powder makes this potato salad taste even yummier. How much powder? I say go crazy with it!

I also added some shell pasta because my siblings like it.

Unfortunately, my family finished it off before I could get a picture of the completed potato salad. I think you will have to try this recipe for yourselves to see what it looks like- and more importantly, to taste it :)
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