Monday, July 6, 2015

Healthy Whole Wheat Parathas

This week, I'm sharing the recipe for these wonderful whole wheat parathas on a friend's blog. She is Mona, the wonderful author of the popular blog,! Here is what I wrote for her blog...

'Mothers are the best cooks, we all know that. This amazing paratha recipe is from my beautiful mom, Farhana. She’s a health nut and that is what is so special about these healthy whole wheat, fiber full parathas. With ingredients like flax seed, wheat germ, and oat bran, you may be put off from this recipe, but I will attest to their delicious flavor and amazing affects on my body! With benefits like being high in fiber, being heart healthy, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, these parathas are really something else. 

My family eats one paratha each every day in suhoor, and we love it. We stay full much longer during these long and hot fasts. A pat of butter or ghee on the roti will make it healthy and fattening for your little ones. Hold the ghee for the uncles and aunties though, and it is the perfect accompaniment to any desi meal – delicious, wholesome, and healthy. Enjoy!'

I also wanted to share some gruesome details on my own blog as to not scare away Mona's viewers! For all my expecting and postpartum mommy readers, these parathas are perfect after your baby is born. My mom made these for me for lunch and dinner every day and I was never constipated for a second (which is one of the biggest problems postpartum)! They are very high in fiber, and that's what keeps your digestion moving smoothly. Give them a try and I'm sure you'll love them.

Head on over to and get the recipe for these awesome parathas yourself! Enjoy!

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