Monday, March 23, 2015

Oreo Truffes

Oreos are my favorite cookie. I never buy them because I know that when I do I can't resist taking at least 5 cookie breaks during the day. I'll get my cup of milk, a couple cookies, and sit by the window to enjoy them. 

Well, oreo truffles are the next best thing. Granted, they are super decadent and you can only have one or two at a time, they are extremely delicious. You take something that is already amazing and make it even more amazing. They would make a great addition to any dessert table. Use colored candy melts instead of chocolate as your top coating to match the rest of the desserts or your party decor.
So give it a try and good luck in the kitchen! 

Oreo Truffles
(makes around 30 truffles)
1 box (36) Oreo cookies
1 8oz block cream cheese, room temperature
1/2-1 cup semi-sweet chocolate, melted
Process the cookies till they reach fine crumbs. Reserve 1/8 cup of the crumbs for decoration. Mix the  cream cheese till well combines. Shape it into 1" balls and freeze it for 10 minutes. 
Dip it into the melted chocolate using a fork and spoon to hold the truffle. Let any excess chocolate drip off through the fork and place it on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle with the cookie crumbs immediately before the chocolate hardens. 
Refrigerate for an hour or so before serving. Enjoy!
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