Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, I haven't been making any new blog posts for... quite some time now. Well I had some pretty huge life changes that kind of kept me occupied.

I'm so happy to announce that S and I welcomed a new addition to the family last year. We had a beautiful baby boy named Yusuf just in time to celebrate the new year!

During my pregnancy last year, I was so nauseated from anything even minutely kitchen related, I barely ate. Even just thinking about food could trigger nasty gagging sessions. I know, TMI. That obviously meant I wasn't really cooking (or doing, for that matter) anything exciting -- which pretty much started my blogging absence. To be completely fair, I didn't only take a break from blogging then, I was AWOL from almost all aspects of my life.

Then when I got back on my feet, I got busy with things like a move, getting ready for baby, and then the baby himself! My precious little boy is now six months old and is finally gaining some independence and routine, which gives me some time to myself. He also gives me so much more perspective on life and so many new things to share (nursery reveal???).

Am I back for good now? Of course and I plan to come back stronger than ever. From now on, I plan to blog every Sunday. Though you'll probably still see mainly food posts ('cause who doesn't love food?), I'll be posting more DIY and art project ideas too. Let me know if you're interested in seeing any pregnancy and new mommy related posts too and I'd be happy to deliver (no pun intended ;) ).

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...and look forward to a super easy, super yummy mint chocolate chip ice cream cake recipe coming up soon!

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