Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Crêpes

So, I think I damaged my sense of self-control sometime during the past month. In between juggling school, work, and blogging, my self-control just disappeared. When I'm not eating my mom's bomb pancakes or hash brown for breakfast, it's these amazing crêpes.

I justify it by telling myself that running around campus from class to class and chasing after little preschoolers at work burns off at least half if not all the calories. That, and the fact that nothing can be more easier or more delightful to make than a fresh batch of these crêpes, makes this recipe a must for me.

A friend shared this recipe with me a couple months ago and after tweaking it here and there, I think it is just perfect. A couple notes-
  • You may be tempted to skip some steps or move them around, but don't! Each step is absolutely necessary to make the smoothest batter.
  • To all the fancy KitchenAid users out there - I say stick to your whisk and bowl for this recipe. It just works better that way.
  • Good luck!

Sweet Crêpes
Makes around 15 crêpes


Sift together the flour, sugar, and salt. Then make a well in the center of the dry ingredients.

Gradually whisk in the beaten eggs until they are well incorporated. Make sure not to over whisk the mixture.

 Then, whisk in the butter. Once that is combined, gradually whisk in the milk. 

Sieve the crêpe batter into another bowl.

Set up your crêpe making station with a heated pan set on a medium-low heat, a wet napkin to evenly cool the pan before putting your batter on, a ladle, your batter, a spatula, and a oil soaked napkin to grease the pan.

Before putting your batter into the pan, cool it evenly by placing it on top of the wet napkin. Grease the pan using your oiled napkin. Then, pour the crêpe batter on the center of the pan and use a swirling motion to create a thin, even layer. Once the edge of the crêpe starts browning lightly and the center starts bubbling, flip the crêpe over using a spatula to peel away the sides. Cook the crêpe for another minute or less and it is done!

Serve with nutella, whip cream, strawberries, and bananas or any other way you may like it. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

These crepes are truly amazing mA!

Unknown said...

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