Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Paper Collage Painting

You may or may not know that I have been on a little break from school - my so-called "summer break," also known as the extremely short breather I get before being thrown back into the hectic schedule of a graduating senior. But in that short break, I decided to do one thing I missed doing all school year long - painting.

I always have loads of ideas for paintings but I'm never able to follow them through because of lack of time. I either have a paper to write, an exam to study for, research to do, or other boring university student stuff. So I definitely couldn't pass up this opportunity to try one of them out - a paper collage painting.

Here's how you can make yourself one of them too!

DIY Paper Collage Painting

What you'll need:

You can finish here and hang up your beautiful painting... or you can go one step further and paint over it! Check out some of the collage paintings I've done -

This is the finished painting from the pictures above.
I painted a similar painting with the left over scraps of paper except this time I painted an inverted poodle silhouette. Only it doesn't look like a poodle and more like a chicken-bullfrog cross breed...
I also made this collage painting using old newspaper strips! The words are "the girl" in French. :)
I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial. Remember to send me some pictures if you try it out at my email address warif93@gmail.com or tag me on instagram #warif93.

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