Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY: Creative, Easy Centerpiece

If you want to create your own fun and creative centerpiece, a can of soda can be a surprising but lovely -and inexpensive- choice to brighten up any party. Not only do they look festive and chique, but are also very good conversation starters. These easy centerpieces can be low, so they will not block overhead conversation and view, but they can also be tall to create a more dramatic appeal.

What You'll Need: 

Soda cans
Can openner
Floral tape or wire
Pebbles or small rocks
Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Prepping the Cans

     - Start by emptying your soda can of its contents.
     - Remove the popper and use a can opener to remove the lid of the can.
     - Note: Using a can opener on a soda can may be tricky because of its thin material. Do not apply too
       much pressure to the empty can or it will dent. Your can opener might leave permanent dents or
       punctures on the rim of the can as it moves around, but do not worry; they can be covered.
     - Wash out the can and fill it halfway with water.
     - Place a rock at the bottom of the can to secure it from tipping over from the weight of the flowers.

Step 2: Assembling and Securing the Flowers 

     - Remove excess foliage and thorns from the stems of the flowers.
     - Hold the flowers in your hand and create the arrangement by adding flowers one by one. You can
       place the flowers at different heights to create a fuller appearance or create a dome effect by slightly
       lowering the flowers on either side of the center flower after each addition. 
     - Be careful to equally balance the flowers on each side of the arrangement or the can will tip.
     - Using the floral tape or wire, bind the stems at the natural spot where they join.

Step 3: Measuring and Cutting the Centerpiece 

     - Measure the arrangement alongside the can to gauge how much you'll need to trim.
     - Cut the stem in your desired length at an angle so the flower can better absorb water.

Step 4: Finishing the Centerpiece 

     - Gently place the arrangement inside the can.
     - Keep the arrangements misted and in a cool place away from heat and light until you are ready to use

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